Training for professionals

Dr Peter Lauteslager and his colleagues, Bert Bakker and Marieke van den Heuvel run training courses for (paediatric) physiotherapists who are working with this target group.

The courses ‘Physiotherapy for young children with Down’s syndrome’ take place in the Netherlands every year. Courses are also organised in Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria. It is, of course, possible to organise this course in English in your own country.

As a participant, in 3 days you will learn to administer the Basic Motor Skills of Children with Down’s syndrome (BMS) and to convert the test result into functional treatment objectives. You will conclude the course by testing a Down’s syndrome child and setting out an actual treatment plan. The method is based on academic (PhD) research.

If you are interested in the course and would like more information, please contact Peter Lauteslager.