Background Lauteslager

In 1981, Dr Peter E.M. Lauteslager (1958) gained his diploma as a physiotherapist and has worked since then at ‘s Heeren Loo in Ermelo (the Netherlands), a centre for the provision of care, innovation and advice for people with restricted mental abilities.

Since 1991, he has had publications on the motor development of children with Down’s syndrome. In that period, he worked part-time as a scientific researcher and participated in activities at the University of Utrecht and the national research school ISED (Institute for the Study of Education and Human Development). In 1996, he published ‘Test of Basic Motor Skills for Children with Down’s syndrome: investigation into reliability and construct validity’ in the Dutch Tijdschrift voor Fysiotherapie (Physiotherapy Journal). This publication was awarded the ISED article prize in 1998.

In 2000, Peter Lauteslager obtained his doctorate with a thesis on the BMS method (described in this website), which consists of a measuring instrument and a treatment framework for young children with Down’s syndrome.

Some years ago, Peter Lauteslager gave treatment to a baby with Down’s syndrome: Koen. Although at the time there was little knowledge or experience in this field, his treatment ultimately led to surprising results. Koen changed from a floppy baby into an adventurous, crawling child. This experience triggered Peter’s quest for appropriate physiotherapy for children with Down’s syndrome.